Stage Art

Schorsch Bross is comedian, unicycling artist, juggler, player of the Alpine French Horn, soap bubble artist, singer of harmonic sounds and conférencier.

An artist, who inspires people!

An artist, who excites people!

An artist, who touches people!
His highly artistic performance consists of different, unique acts:

The Unicycle Comedy
Comedy and circus skills at its best. Ecstatic audience guaranteed, when he has finally mounted his high unicycle, balances his broom and starts juggling with rings.

The soap bubbles performance
A poetic act, his play with soap bubbles and a glass sphere, a droll voyage into a world of fantasy and illusion.

The Alphorn Madness
Apart from ordinary tunes, Schorsch Bross produces bizarre tunes and sounds with his four meters long Alpine French Horn, that are not from this world. Furthermore, he plays the instrument in unusual positions. A unique combination of sounds, variety perfomance and clowning.

The Song of harmonic sounds
Singing with two voices, Schorsch Bross presents the harmonic sounds with empathy and comedy as a „South Mongolian love song“.<

The Show
At occasions such as galas or festivals, Schorsch Bross combines these acts with further routines, creating an absolutely exciting show, yet still leaving room for further improvisation and close contact with the audience.

Schorsch Bross performs in German, French, English or Italian.